Two billion people will be online by 2023

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Two Billion Users — Privately Connecting the World

We are thrilled to report that WhatsApp currently serves more than two billion users worldwide.

No matter where their loved ones are, parents can contact them. Moments that matter can be shared by siblings. Businesses can expand by quickly engaging with their customers, and coworkers can cooperate.

Instant messaging and video calling have made it possible for people to have private talks that were previously only possible in person over long distances. We are humbled and honored to have reached this milestone because WhatsApp is used for so many important and memorable occasions.

We are aware that the more connected we are, the more we need to safeguard. Protecting our conversations is more crucial than ever as we live more of our lives online.

That’s why end-to-end encryption is used as the default security measure for every private communication transmitted using WhatsApp. The information you send over WhatsApp is kept secure by strong encryption, acting as an impenetrable digital lock that guards against hackers and thieves. No one, not even us, can read your messages or listen to your calls because they are only stored on your phone. Your private discussions remain just between you.

Strong encryption is essential in today’s world. Security will not be compromised since doing so would put people at risk. For even greater security, we collaborate with premier security professionals, use advanced technologies to prevent misuse, offer controls and ways to report issues, all without compromising privacy.

WhatsApp was founded with the intention of building a user-friendly, dependable, and private service. To help the world communicate privately and to safeguard the personal communications of two billion people worldwide, our commitment now is no different than it was when we first started.