Computing News(2023): the most recent rumors and news

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Since Arc GPUs supposedly can’t run Starfield at all, Intel is in a terrible situation.

An Intel Arc A770 on a desk with a pink mat underneath

Starfield’s release, if online reviews are any indication (and we’re quite sure they are), has sadly diminished Intel’s reputation for its Arc graphics cards.

Starfield isn’t yet available to the general public, or at least the complete release isn’t until September 6; however, those who purchased the premium version(s) of the space RPG can access early access right away.

Or, at the very least, those who have AMD or Nvidia GPUs can, as both companies added Starfield compatibility with a new driver update just before the early access period began. Intel? Not really.

There is worse news than the lack of Starfield support in Intel’s Arc driver.


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Starfield reportedly doesn’t function at all, according to a number of reports on X (previously Twitter).

Starfield isn’t just operating extremely slowly and with terrible optimization; you can’t even play the game.

Starfield starts to run and does look to be using a lot of system resources in the background, according to complaints posted on social media, but the game’s window—you know, the important part—never actually displays.

Nobody can hear you bang your keyboard in rage in outer space,

What is happening here? Clearly, Intel looks to have handled this one rather poorly.

Since Starfield is an enormous release with a hype train that has many, many carriages, eager fans have taken time off of work to dive into the game. As you may expect, those people with Arc graphics cards who have done so are extremely frustrated (quite properly). The outpouring of rage and remarks regarding purchasing an Intel Arc GPU under the wrong impression is remarkable.

Although it should go without saying that Intel is working on a repair, the fact that it won’t be available until next week only adds to the frustration of those who are impacted.

Team Blue issued the following update on X:

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Naturally, making it capable of running would be a wonderful place to start and would certainly “improve the experience” significantly.

Most of the feedback is negative and about not being able to play, and this incident seems like a great shame. There is the occasional mention of the game operating on Arc, though. Throughout the existence of Alchemist GPUs, Intel has made good strides with its graphics drivers, steadily increasing performance with the best PC games as well as older games.

And of course, like many others, we’re eagerly anticipating Battlemage and what the 2nd-gen might signify for meaningfully splitting up the graphics card duopoly and launching new competitors for the best.

best cheap graphics cards. This Starfield affair, however, rather dampens any excitement around that

2023 Apple iMac Pro M3: the most recent rumors and news

iMac Pro

The next question is whether Apple would revive another industry favorite, the iMac industry, after spending more than two years out in the wilderness. The Mac Pro has finally made the switch to Apple silicon.

The 27-inch iMac, probably one of the best Macs and all-in-one PCs ever made by Apple, was discontinued in March 2021, giving professional purchasers fewer options when choosing a desktop Mac. Although the Mac Studio does an admirable job of attempting to fill the void left by the iMac Pro, there is much to be said for an all-in-one solution. It is a hassle to have to purchase the Studio Display to go with the Mac Studio, and the alternatives include

The 24-inch iMac is the only all-in-one choice available right now, and few would claim that it even comes close to a pro desktop computer. The speculated M3 24-inch iMac will undoubtedly be even better than the M1 processor, which is fine. It’s just too little for professional workflows at 24 inches, though. Before we consider the low RAM ceiling and the dearth of CPU and GPU cores, this.

No, an iMac Pro would be a far better choice for photographers, audio engineers, and videographers. Will Apple, however, bring it back? Then what should we anticipate? There haven’t been many rumors, which is concerning. However, it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been some hints of a comeback, like the potential for an M3.

M3 IMAC PRO (2023): CUT TO THE CHASEIt is what?a 27-inch iMac Pro comeback
When will it be offered?Possibly at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024
What is the price?Although the price of the iMac Pro has never been an issue, it will be if and when we receive an Apple silicon version.


The M3 iMac Pro will be available when? Even while the well-connected Mark Gurman of Bloomberg renown has traditionally suggested a 2023 release, we can’t say for sure that it will at this time.

Though it appears likely that it won’t employ the base silicon, Gurman thinks the iMac Pro will be built around Apple’s future M3 CPUs. Thus, the M3 Pro and M3 Max are the two lowest while M3 Ultra is the maximum.

But those three processors won’t be available until the first quarter of 2024, most likely within refreshed 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. If so, the release date for this next iMac Pro should be 2024. But with so many things uncertain, it’s difficult to