By 2023, there will be 2.99 billion Facebook users

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Facebook usage statistics

Facebook has nearly come to represent social media over time. It is still the most extensively used social media network and is well known all over the world. Here are some important Facebook usage statistics to help you grasp its appeal.

1. Facebook has nearly 3 billion monthly active users

The platform’s monthly active users reached 2.96 billion by Q3 of 2022. Despite a slowdown in adoption, usage is still trending rapidly. Facebook is now on course to reach the 3 billion monthly user milestone. As a result, you are losing out on the opportunity to reach billions of people if your brand doesn’t have a presence on the platform.

2. Americans use the platform for roughly 33 minutes each day.

American users log onto Facebook every day for roughly 33 minutes on average. It surpasses other top platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok as a result. These figures indicate that the platform’s user base is still quite engaged, according to the data.

chart comparing the average time spent daily across leading social networks, with Facebook showing at the top


Facebook user statistics

Despite having billions of users, how are these users actually using Facebook? To learn more, let’s examine a few crucial Facebook user statistics:

3. Daily activity accounts for 67.5% of monthly users.

2 billion of the 2.96 billion monthly active users log onto the platform every day. That amounts to 67.5% of users that log onto the platform at least occasionally each day.

In other words, your brand might potentially reach billions of individuals every day. The secret is to outsmart Facebook’s algorithm to increase your organic visibility.

4. Only 18% of American Facebook users believe that the site protects their privacy and data.

Despite the fact that Facebook is very popular, there has been a sharp decline in trust over the last few years.Facebook is only trusted by 18% of American social media users to secure their privacy and data. It is the least trustworthy social media network as a result of its low ranking.

chart showing a 3-year comparison of the number of social media users who agree that different social networks protect their privacy and data


5. The most popular activity on Facebook is still messaging friends and family.

71 percent of users claim to message friends and family on Facebook. This shows that the “social” aspect of the platform is still very much present. Posting/sharing photographs and videos is another common activity on the network, followed by following news and events (59.5%) and sharing photos and videos.

On Facebook, a sizable percentage of users (55.2%) follow and do product and brand research. Therefore, even though it’s mostly for social, your brand can still use the platform to establish sincere bonds.

6. It’s the most popular customer support platform.

Facebook has emerged as the preferred medium for customer care on social media, which is becoming more and more popular. According to the 2022 Sprout Social Index, 60% of customers seek customer care on Facebook. Additionally, 69% of marketers use the platform to offer customer assistance.

chart comparing the number of consumers and marketers who use different social media platforms for customer service

It is therefore the social media platform that is most frequently utilized for both giving and receiving customer service. In other words, you must step up your platform customer service efforts.

Statistics on Facebook marketing and advertising

Do Facebook marketing efforts still pay off? How effective is your Facebook advertising plan, too? To understand the effect of advertising on Facebook, look at these figures.

7. The average click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ads is 0.90 percent.

A WordStream analysis found that across all industries, Facebook advertising have an average CTR of 0.90%. Nevertheless, click-through rates differ by industry, with at least 1% CTRs seen in the retail, legal, fashion, beauty, and fitness sectors.

8. AFacebook advertising costs $1.72 each click.

According to the same survey, the typical cost per click (CPC) across all businesses is $1.72. However, in other industries you might anticipate paying far more. For instance, the typical CPC in the financial, insurance, and customer service industries is $3 or more.

9. Across all industries, the average conversion rate is 9.21%.

The conversion rate for Facebook advertising is relatively strong. Your Facebook ad should typically convert at a rate of roughly 9.21%. However, depending on your industry, the specifics could change. The conversion rates in the health, education, and healthcare sectors are noticeably higher.

chart showing the average conversion rate of facebook ads for different industries


10. Facebook produces the best ROI.

It goes without saying that Facebook marketing generates great returns due to its strong conversion rates and inexpensive CPC. In fact, compared to all other social media sites, Facebook generates the highest return on investment.

Engagement data on Facebook

The fall in Facebook’s organic visibility makes it only logical to observe a decline in engagement levels as well. But does this make Facebook less competitive than other social media sites? In order to understand where Facebook stands in terms of engagement, take a quick look at a few key statistics: