700 million users of Telegram by 2023

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Telegram Premium Goes Official - Here's Everything New

With more than 700 million monthly active users, Telegram has officially launched Telegram Premium, which gives you access to the chat app’s premium features.

The business announced Telegram Premium in a blog post and said that the new premium tier “will allow us to offer all the resource-heavy features users have asked for over the years while preserving free access” to the chat service.

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What precisely is Telegram Premium and what benefits does it offer, then? We will investigate any upcoming new developments.

Faster Downloads, Greater Limits, 4GB Uploads, and Much More Are All Part of Telegram Premium

It’s quite easy to sign up for Telegram Premium. Get the most recent version of the app, then select Telegram Premium from within it, and you’re set to go.

If you’re wondering how much you’ll pay, the service will run you anything from $5 to $6. Although the corporation has not yet published the official price range, users have reported that it is well within the range.

Here is a summary of all the features you will soon have access to with Telegram Premium.

4 GB Uploads

Every user has access to limitless free storage in the Telegram Cloud and can upload huge files and media that are each up to 2 GB in size. With Telegram Premium, users may transfer files up to 4 GB in size, which is enough room for 4 hours of 1080p video or 18 days of hi-res audio.

Faster Downloads

Media and files can be downloaded as quickly as possible for premium subscribers. Everything in your limitless cloud storage is accessible as soon as your network can handle it.

Doubled Limits

Increased restrictions are available to premium customers for practically all app features. With Premium, you can store up to 10 favorite stickers, follow up to 1000 channels, make up to 20 chat folders with a maximum of 200 chats each, add a fourth account to any Telegram app, and pin up to 10 talks to the main list.


For those occasions when you don’t want to listen but still want to see what it says, voice messages can be turned to text. You can give transcriptions a rating to help them get better.

Unique Stickers

For added emotion and expressive effects that are visible to all users, Premium members can send dozens of stickers with amazing full-screen animations into any discussion. Telegram artists will update this premium sticker collection on a monthly basis.

Chat Management

New options in Telegram Premium help you arrange your chat list. For example, you may change the default chat folder so that the app always starts in a certain folder, such as Unread, rather than All Chats.

Animated Profile Pictures

Everyone using the app will be able to see the animated profile videos of premium users in chats and the chat list. Show off your fresh look to the world or showcase your originality with a special looping animation.

Premium Badges

All premium users receive a distinctive Premium badge that says “Premium” next to their name in the chat list, chat headers, and member lists in groups, letting others know they are a part of the club that gets first access to exclusive features and that they support Telegram.

Premium App Icons

Premium customers have the option to add new icons to their Home Screen in order to make it more cohesive with their personality or wallpaper. Select between a turbo-plane, luxury star, or night sky.

No Ads

Sponsored Messages are displayed in various nations on broad, open one-to-many channels. These discreet, privacy-conscious adverts assist in covering Telegram’s operational costs, but they won’t be visible to Telegram Premium users any longer.

folks, that’s all. While Telegram Premium has a ton of cutting-edge features. That does not imply that the corporation is not also attempting to improve the underlying model. Sincerely, that is how it ought to be. The company has stated that they will keep making enhancements for everyone who does not subscribe to the premium edition.

Do you intend to subscribe? to Telegram Premium? Let us know your thoughts below.