2023: Reemergence of YouTube on New Platforms

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YouTube was established in 2005 and soon rose to prominence as the global hub for easily accessible video content. Is there any chance that YouTube may reclaim its title as the king of video now that rivals like TikTok and Instagram have begun to imitate the platform’s success?

Despite continuing to dominate in terms of users compared to rival video platforms, TikTok first surpassed YouTube in terms of minutes spent on the platform in June 2020, a sign of increased levels of engagement. At this point, Gen Z users started spending 82 minutes per day on TikTok as opposed to 75 minutes per day on YouTube.

Given that TikTok dominated the social video market in 2020, YouTube launched its own short-form video service called Shorts. Since its debut, YouTube has been growing its Partner Programme (YPP) to make creators eligible for revenue sharing on Shorts and to encourage artists to share their work on the app. This has resulted in a scaling up of the service.

Now YouTube has put its best foot forward in the race to dominate the video content space, its competitors are creeping closely behind to dominate the space that YouTube first created.

TikTok dips its toes into the long-form pool

When we were beginning to believe that short-form video content had fully seized control of the social media environment, that 10-minute-long Hilton advertisement appeared on our TikTok For You sites. With TikTok’s entry into the long-form sector, YouTube will be challenged.

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