1.31 billion users of WeChat in 2023

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WeChat’s parent company Tencent’s CEO announced that there are now more than one billion users worldwide.

The majority of Chinese people depend on the all-in-one app every day since it combines texting, social networking, mobile payment, gaming, news, and other services.

On the eve of China’s ongoing parliamentary session in Beijing, WeChat CEO Pony Ma announced that the app’s monthly active users had reached the crucial one billion threshold.

We intend to employ technology advancement in the future to advance the next evolutionary stage of reform and opening, according to Ma.

He was alluding to China’s program of economic liberalization, which has fueled the country’s four decades of explosive economic expansion.

Ma said that WeChat had one billion monthly active users, but a business spokeswoman informed AFP that he was actually talking to the total number of accounts.

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The one billion statistic nonetheless highlights the large user base that Tencent has established for its all-in-one software both inside and outside of China.

It contrasts with Facebook’s 2.1 billion monthly active users and WhatsApp’s 1.5 billion users.

Tencent’s earnings and share price have increased significantly as a result of WeChat’s success and the money it makes from its lucrative mobile game business.

Last year, the company’s market value overtook that of Facebook, and Ma, who is now 47, shot to the top of China’s rich list.

Hurun Report, a luxury magazine publisher located in Shanghai, pegged him as the wealthiest delegate to the legislative session with an estimated net worth of $47 billion.